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Security Deposit FAQ's

   We do charge $125 or $225 - $295 for a cleaning fee, depending on the property. However this is really a standard hotel-type cleaning service that we contract out. They come in and wash the dishes, tidy up the unit, wash the linens and towels, vacuum, etc... We consider part or all of the security deposit forfeited if any of the following takes place:

   1) All of our properties are non-smoking insinde. Ash trays are provided for outside use.

   2) Damage, theft, or pet damage may result in a portion of or all of deposit being retained. Also, if the unit is completely trashed, even if nothing is technically broken, we'll dip into the security deposit to pay for the extra cleaning.

   3) We hold back $30 if one or both of the keys are missing from the lockbox after check-out.

   4) If you do move the furniture, please put it back where it belongs before leaving the home.

   We try not to require too much of our renters as they're checking out--you are on vacation after all! There are a few errands we ask for, though (most people do all this anyway, but you never know ^_^). Please take with you or throw out any unused food from the refrigerator before your departure. We'd appreciate if dirty dishes were loaded in dishwasher and ran, garbage laying around the home into the trashcan or trashbags and please throw any used towels and bedsheets into a pile on the floor (we appreciate the gesture some people make of making the beds, but sometimes our cleaning crew thinks that the bed wasn't used!). Thanks so much!!

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