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   Entertainment: On the electronic side of things we provide multiple TVs and DVD players throughout the properties as well as a mini-stereo system as well for those inevitable parties!

   Internet/Phone: All of our properties, have high-speed wireless with an accessible broadband router and free local calls.

   Kitchen: All of our kitchens are well stocked with dishes and silverware. We also carry a wide range of essential kitchen appliances such as can openers, coffee-makers, blenders, pots and pans. Some of our homes have a bit more than this, but they all have the essentials.

   Linens/Towels: All of our properties come with plenty of towels and fresh bed linens based on occupancy. Of course, vacationing can call for lots of baths/linen changes, so please use the washer/dryer when needed. We keep a few blankets around as well.

   Washer/Dryer: All the properties have a washer and dryer free to use. We supply a starter bag of detergent but you will want to add this to your shopping list for an entire weeks' use.

   The pools and jacuzzis are usually cleaned every Friday.

   - Please don't drain the hot-tubs or the pools. Feel free, though, to add water from the hose if you notice it is low. We'll thank you in advance for keeping an eye on this during your stay!

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